Service Provide Under ClC

In order to popularise of CLC, following steps may be taken.
1. Wide publicity through banners, posters, hand bills, wall writing, local TV channel or any other mode deemed suitable so as to make the local people sufficiently aware about the concept & utility of CLC.
2.Publicity campaigns Should be undertaken on a regular basis during the initial days and later on at regular intervals, so that residents fell motivated for using the services of CLC.
3. Sensitisation programmes can also be arranged in the wards on a cluster basis with active participation of the local councillors for popularsining the concept & function of CLC.
4.Use of 'Toll-free Help-Line' service both for service providers and service sekkers as soon as CLC becomes operational for which necessary assistance shall be provided from the State.
 5.An application from with a provision for photograph and verification of credential by the local councillor may be introduced by ClC for registering / enrolling names  of the service providers in areas which may include.